40-90 points = 1 sticker
100-150 points = 2 stickers
160-210 points = 3 stickers

220-270 points = 4 stickers
280-310 points = 5 stickers
320-350 points = 6 stickers
360 points = 8 stickers


Object of the game is to select card(s) that can be solved using the pattern shown shown. There are four Rounds of play with 15 games each. As you advance in games and rounds, the challenge level increases.

1. Each game begins with ONE pattern and from 6 to 8 Single Digits cards below.

2. Select by clicking on a card that can be solved using the pattern shown.

3. Keep selecting until you have found the required number of correct cards (shown on the top left). Correct card fins will "spin" and display a “24” in the center when selected; incorrect cards will display a red “X” in the center.

4. When you have selected the correct card(s), a new pattern will appear, and you can play again.

5. As you advance in Rounds, the number of correct cards you must select varies.

Rounds 1 and 2: Select 1 correct card.
Round 3: Select 2 correct cards.
Round 4: Select 3 correct cards.

6. As you advance through games (for all rounds), the number of cards displayed varies:

Games 1 to 5: Six cards.
Games 6 to 10: Seven cards.
Games 11 to 15: Eight cards.

7. Each correct card selected adds 20 points to your score. Selecting an incorrect card deducts 10 points. (You can choose a new pattern if you are stuck by clicking the "New Pattern" button, but 10 points will be deducted from score and it counts as a mistake.)

8. Each level within a game allows you a limited number of mistakes before the game ends:

Levels 1 & 2: Unlimited number of mistakes
Level 3: 3 mistakes
Level 4: 2 mistakes
Level 5: 1 mistake
Level 6: 0 mistakes

A mistake is shown as a red X on the bottom left of the play area.

9. A game ends when either: you reach the limit in mistakes; reach a maximum of 360 points; or three minutes are up. Your total score will then be converted into "stickers" using the schedule shown above.

10. Your "point" score appears on the Congratulations screen when you complete a game, and the appropriate number of stickers earned, if any, will be added to your score.

11. After completing all four rounds, you can still play Pattern Puzzle, but no more stickers can be earned. (You will see a "P" for Practice Mode under the Game heading.)

In Practice Mode, you can select your round of play.


Card example:

4 – 2 = 2
2 x 4 = 8
8 x 3 = 24

(the last step is the "pattern")