Player/Team of the Day/Week/Month

On Team Leader Page:

Team Player of the Day: Player earning the most stickers on the previous day, from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm EST (Example: On Tuesday, the POTD displayed on TL page is highest scorer from Monday morning at 12:00 am to Monday evening at 11:59 pm)

Note: Monday's POTD is a sum of Friday/Saturday/Sunday stickers earned. If you need to know daily weekend POTDs, check it each day. POTD will not be displayed if students have not earned any stickers on the previous day.

Team's Top 5 Players: Data is LIVE and updates 24/7.

On Principal's Page:

School's Top 5 Players: Data is LIVE and updates 24/7.

Team of the Week / Player of the Week: Team or Player earning the most stickers in the previous week, from 12:00 am Sunday morning to 11:59 pm Saturday evening. EST

Team of the Month / Player of the Month: Team or Player earning the most stickers from 12:00 am on the first day of the month to 11:59 pm on the last day of the month. EST (Example: February's Player of the Month is the highest scorer from February 1 at 12:00 am until February 28 at 11:59 pm)

Motivational Awards

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TL page graphicPOTD

Quick how to:

1 - Log in to your Teacher Home Page.

2 - Each morning, a new “PLAYER OF THE DAY” will be listed The POTD is the student who earned the most stickers during the previous 24-hour period.*

3 - If you have more than one team, be sure to view all of your POTD students.

For more information, download Player of the Day PDF




Download & Print Player of the Day Badges/Stickers on your color printer!

Designed to print on AVERY template #5395 Laser / Ink Jet Name Badge Labels (8 per page) or equivalent.

POTD Design #1 (PDF file)

POTD Design #2 (PDF file)

POTD Design #3 (PDF file)

POTD Design #4 (PDF file)

NEW Player of the Week

POTW Design #1 (PDF file)


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Player of the Day Award: Your Team's Player of the Day is awarded a special VIP Badge to keep for the entire day. The badge remains with the Player until the end of the school day, and is awarded to the next recipient the following day.

Player of the Week Award: Principals see the school's Player of the Week on their Home Page, providing an opportunity to recognize the building's top player on a weekly basis. The Player of the Week badge is returned after a specified period to await the next week’s recipient.

Team of the Week Traveling Trophy: Principals can award your school's "Traveling Trophy" to the Team of the Week and watch the excitement build! Top Team gets to keep the trophy in their classroom until it is captured by another class.

Badges, medals and trophies are suggested prizes, and can be purchased at

You can use ANY reward to motivate your sudents—from simply writing their name on the board to awarding prizes or certificates.

FREE AWARDS: Download FIM "Excellence" certificates at (Save paper, 5 x 7 Certificates are two per page.)